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Debi Talbert

: Alcohol Freedom & Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

You are not broken. You've simply built up a relationship with alcohol that has you relying on it to help you cope with life.

My primary focus is to help my clients explore their beliefs about alcohol and themselves so they can change the beliefs and thoughts keeping them stuck in the cycle of drinking, over-drinking, shame, and regret. Once we change what you drink, we help you rebrand yourself living in the world with your new relationship with alcohol.

Work with Me

I help the individual who’s begun to question alcohol’s role in their life. Not because they think they need AA or Rehab but because they know their current habit is interfering with their goals and dreams. They’ve tried to untangle the habit on their own and find it harder than expected to change their habit.

Through a mix of simple formulas and methods, layered with understanding, love, and feedback I am my client's biggest cheerleader and honest coach. I’m also an example of what’s possible. My story is just like many of my clients.

I offer private coaching packages as well as a membership option. This work takes you beyond exiting the drinking life and into living a life beyond your wildest dreams.