Deborah Butzbach, MD

: Post Cancer Recovery Coach

Expert Overview

As a physician with more than 20 years in practice as a radiation oncologist, and now a life coaching degree, I am uniquely suited to understand and help women after they complete cancer therapy.  I have seen and helped thousands of women after breast cancer in managing their fears in my medical practice, and now have the ability to focus more time and attention on really helping women dig into their post treatment issues.

Work with Me

I have 2 groups: one is for weight gain after cancer treatment.  This is SO important because gaining weight increases cancer risk!  Many women gain weight after cancer, and in part it is due to changes from treatment and in part from trying to cope with fear, changes in body image and anxiety.  In the program, we address all of these.  The second group is focused on the mental aspect of life post cancer treatment.  We address fear, grief, guilt, relationship changes, and much more.

The first step is to get my free three part video series with videos on how to reduce your risk of cancer recurrence, how to decrease fear and how to increase joy.  Click Here