Denise Vernieri

: Life & Business Coach

Expert Overview

I help coaches, consultants, healers, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale their side-business into full-time entrepreneurship so they NEVER have to work for someone else again.

If I could build my business to +6 figures while working full-time as a teacher, and as a mom of 3… YOU can do it too.

You have the desire to scale into full-time entrepreneurship by working with soul-mate clients, hitting consistent revenue and enjoying the FREEDOM of working for yourself,  yet right now you feel like you're working non-stop, barely breaking even and wondering  if you’ll have to give up the dream of entrepreneurship.

There’s a difference between where you are and where you want to be and its not:

  • needing more time to work in their business
  • having a large network or audience
  • having a complicated funnel
  • creating different offers for every potential client
  • paying money for ads
  • sacrificing wellbeing, family time, or free time

I can help you.

My coaching containers are designed specifically for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business without sacrificing relationships, well-being and lifestyle.

My approach is simple:

  1. First we’ll create your SIMPLE business model and plan.
  2. Develop a clear offer and create a simple marketing plan
  3. You'll learn a 6 Figure sales process that feels good.
  4. Finally we will focus on your Money mindset.

This process will solidify your identity as the CEO of your business.

Work with Me

I created the EXACT program, with the guidance, support and mentorship I wish I had when I was a mom working as a NYC teacher, and building her business.

I wouldn’t have taken so long to scale into full-time entrepreneurship.

This is the work I’ve done and the process I created that's helped tons of entrepreneurs leave their jobs, go full-time in their business and set the foundation for their first 6 figure year.

And this is only the beginning.

Schedule an Align and Accelerate Strategy Call where you'll leave knowing the exact next steps to take in your business to help you go fill-time in your business. Schedule it here.

Listen to my podcast helping you the shift into entrepreneurship: Making the Shift