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Denita Bremer

: Faith-based Life & Trauma Coach

Coaching Philosophy

There are three pillars to my coaching philosophy: Identity, Embodiment, and Healthy Habits. We work on all of these simultaneously since they build on each other.

*Identity is about how you think and feel about yourself.
*Embodiment is about being connected to yourself and God.
*Healthy habits are about the actions you take toward the result you want, but also toward your identity and your embodiment.

I imagine a world where nobody is chasing a felt sense of safety, or viewing themselves as broken, a failure, or not enough because of early life programming. What could we create in our lives if we already felt safe and whole?

I believe you are already safe* and whole. Your mind and body simply may not have gotten the memo yet! We work together to bring your mind, body and life into alignment with that idea. When that happens, you will be able to create anything you truly want.

*excluding abusive situations

Work with Me

I am the life and trauma coach for Latter-day Saint (or faith-based) women who feel like a failure.

If you want better relationships, money, or health results in your life, but you feel like something inside of you is holding you back, set up a free session with me to experience the work I do.

Free yourself and start creating anything you want.