Dex Randall

: Professional Burnout to Leadership Coach

Expert Overview

I coach stressed and anxious professional guys back to peak performance at work (often when they've lost their mojo and think it isn't coming back).

Using simple techniques, start to recover in a matter of weeks. People will wonder how you did it!

Work with Me

You’ve got all the attributes of a high-achiever, but right now you're mired in chronic stress and anxiety. You've lost your mojo.

If you're a Type A personality, this will only get worse over time, leading to burnout.

I can teach you the simple steps to get your mojo back. It works for my clients. It will work for you.

You can bring down stress, anxiety and frustration.
You can rebuild confidence, resilience and purpose.
You can improve relationships and enjoyment.

You'll need commitment - it's intensive - but it gets results fast. It's your secret weapon.

• Stressed, anxious, frustrated
• Overworked and exhausted
• Feeling unrewarded
• Worried about performance or finances
• Angry, irritable, impatient
• People-pleaser
• Perfectionist and procrastinator
• Not enjoying yourself outside work
• Experiencing tension at home, with your partner or family
• Thinking about changing job/career
• Knowing there's more to you than this - but where is it?

If you've had enough stress, your mojo is still right where you left it - go get it back!

COACHES: I offer an Advanced Burnout Coach Certification. Learn a proven step-by-step program to coach clients out of burnout and take your coaching and self-concept to the next level.

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