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Diana Stemkowski

: General Life Coach for Smart Women who Overanalyze

Coaching Philosophy

My favorite words when it comes to coaching are: simple and clear. Our minds are our greatest asset. It didn't come with an owner's manual, but we can learn to create our own with either self-coaching and/or receiving coaching. Managing our minds is simple and clear once we learn the tools.

Work with Me

Do you feel stuck and indecisive? Do you feel like your life is small yet unmanageable and you'd like to live a bigger, easier life? I can help.

You know you're an intelligent woman yet sometimes the simplest tasks and goals seem beyond you. You believe that feeling satisfied and excited about your life and where you're going are over "there" somewhere.

I've got good news. "There" is possible right here and now.

So much can happen in a coaching session. Your mind's twists, turns and stories can be revealed. You never know what you will learn about yourself. You never know what wants and desires will be brought to light.

One sentence, one word, one thought learned through one coaching session can change your life.

Let's talk about where you are now and the direction you want to go.

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