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Dominique Vandal

: Master Body Image Coach

Coaching Philosophy

When you accept YOUR body, you gain access to life’s pleasures!

It’s imperative that women stop putting themselves on the sideline of their lives because of how they feel about their body.

- You can stop the fight with your body & be in the group photos with a genuine goofy smile
- You can accept your body as it is & go to every event you desire with pep in your step
- You can feel safe in your body, be present & unlock new physical pleasure possibilities

No more treating your body like a project, no more following the RIGHT food recommendations, adhering to the RIGHT fitness routine, or singing all the RIGHT body positive mantras.

Let's tap into the wisdom of feminine embodiment and real SELF empowerment instead.

Feeling good and alive in the body you are in is your birthright, come claim it!

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