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Dominique Vandal

: Master Enneagram One & Perfectionist Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help Enneagram Ones and Perfectionists stop getting in their own way and claim their innate excellence.

It’s all available to you on the other side of exploring your mind with curiosity, opening to your felt experience and uncovering your best ally within.

This is what I call my integrated approach where we look at your mind using Mindset Coaching and tap into your deeper knowing using Embodiment Practices.

You already have everything you need within yourself, it’s just covered up by conditioning.

Work with Me

You can stop using your magnificent brain to berate yourself, fuel the story that you’re not good enough and be straight up mean to yourself.

Instead, I propose to use your next goal as the vehicle to release your own best ally and your own biggest cheerleader from deep within yourself.

Be the authority you seek before anyone else’s.

I have created a program just for you based on my journey in 
Master Coach Training.

We will work on your next project together, whatever it is, and use it as the catalyst for you to lead yourself with enthusiasm.

Using internal and external yardsticks, tools and concepts against yourself stops here.

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