Dr Amruti Choudhry MBBS BSc

: Life and Weight Loss Coach for South Asian Women Professionals

Expert Overview

I help South Asian Women Professionals lose weight permanently by getting rid of the mental weight that is holding them back.

There is a huge stigma about mental health in the South Asian community, and I help decrease that stigma and talk openly about mental health in a way that is relatable and real.

I lost 42kg (over 92 pounds) and have figured out how to keep it off for life, whilst being that working mother, that loving wife, that caring daughter and that dependable friend. I teach my clients that it is possible for them to have it all, when they learn how to manage their minds.

The weight loss is a bonus when you deal with the underlying reasons you overeat.

I am a retired general practitioner (Physician / Doctor) in the UK and became a full time life and weight loss coach because I found my calling in life. I love empowering my clients to manage their minds and improve all areas of their lives. Learning the skills of how to lose weight permanently by dealing with the mind blocks are the same skills that can be used to achieve any other goal, which is why my clients get a whole life transformation.

Work with Me

I provide 1:1 coaching and a group coaching program.

The group coaching program teaches you:

  • 6 simples steps to lose weight and keep it off permanently
  • How to lose weight whilst being a busy South Asian Professional
  • How to learn how to self coach yourself and become aware of your thinking
  • How to use the tools to improve any area of your life
  • How to eat in a way that is sustainable for life
  • How to create a personal protocol for you, to help you maintain your weight loss for life

In the group coaching program, we have live group coaching weekly, there is a supportive Facebook group for members to receive 24/7 written coaching, a collection of videos and worksheets to teach the core principles, and a personalized protocol that is tweaked weekly to ensure weight loss success.

Contact me now to schedule a consult for 1:1 coaching, or be added to the waiting list for the next group coaching program!