Dr. Ana Blake

: Burnout Coach for Female Physicians

Coaching Philosophy

Feeling like the daily grind has taken the joy out of working in medicine? Feeling endless pressure to be the best at everything for everyone? Feeling utterly exhausted at the end of your day or waking up with dread before your clinic? I have been there! My proven process helps female doctors beat burnout, overcome impostor syndrome, and say goodbye to perfectionism to finally love the lives they’ve worked hard for.

Work with Me

I run a 12-week burnout recovery and prevention program for female physicians that consists of 1:1 coaching with experienced physician coaches, group coaching, an online course, and hands-on workshops. I am a certified coach through Bev Aron’s Advanced Deep Dive Coaching program, which I bring to my group program. In addition, I offer a very limited number of 1:1 coaching spots to physicians who wish to pursue deep dive coaching for a longer term contract.