Dr. Anu Gupta

: Weight Loss Coach for High Performing Women

Expert Overview

I help smart, driven & high performing women lose weight permanently & create food freedom for life. As a Weight Loss Coach & Medical Doctor, I work at the root cause level of weight struggle & help women create a peaceful relationship with food, body & weight for life.

Having tried all the diets out there & struggling with my own extra weight for more a decade, I know how it feels to live imprisoned with the constant food fight & body hatred. Once I understood how my brain functions & experienced the power of coaching, I dropped 50 pounds for good.

Now, I'm on a mission to support women who are sick & tired of feeling like a failure at weight loss, to unlock the power of their brain to lose weight & reach at their ideal weight. My signature process & coaching can help you rewire your brain to go from overweight, tired & miserable body to a naturally slim, vibrant & confident body, for life.

Work with Me

I teach & mentor women  through my 1-1 program & membership, to end the weight war & lose weight for good. If you want to learn more about how I can help you ditch the diet-binge cycle & get to your happy, healthy weight, schedule a free 45 minute consultation call with me by CLICKING HERE

If you are a smart, busy woman who is done with temporary solutions & are looking to end the food frustration, weight anxiety & body shame, then I invite you to my watch my free masterclass by CLICKING HERE