Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

: Working Mom's Weight Loss Coach

Expert Overview

I help ambitious working moms reach their ideal weight while healing their inner critics.

Working moms spend enough time with multi-tasking, counting, calculating and planning their busy lives. I'm here to teach you how to lose weight in a different way - with more ease, simplicity and joy.

Inside Unstoppable you learn a process, supported by science, that walks you through the steps to redefine the way you eat so you can have both Joy and your Ideal Weight in your life, finally.

Work with Me

I offer a magical experience inside The Unstoppable Program, a 6 month intimate small group experience.

This experience holds together the magic of coaching, challenging your Brain to believe new things and new ways, while radically transforming your life.

This is an invitation for readiness to make changes and prioritize Now. We don't wait for tomorrow anymore inside Unstoppable.  Click here.