Dr. Richard Mitchell

: Self-Confidence Coach for Novice Adults

Coaching Philosophy

I help Novice Adults build Self-Confidence toward their future.

Self-Confidence is a personality trait that anyone can develop. When you coach with me, you will establish exactly why you want to build Self-Confidence so that you can direct your focus toward the next phase of your life.

My clients learn…

  • How to use Confidence to build Self-Confidence.
  • How to organize life through time and activity management.
  • How to overcome procrastination through motivation, self-discipline, and focus.
  • How to set intentions toward goals and dreams.
  • How to align priorities and beliefs for long-term success.

There is not much that can stop a Novice Adult who has the Self-Confidence they need to bet on themselves and their future!

Work with Me

Self-Confidence by Design is my COMPLIMENTARY crash course training designed to help you harness your skills and experiences to create the Self-Confidence you want and deserve.

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