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Dr. Shohreh A. Givehchi, MD, Ph.D

: Career and Life Coach for Physicians

Coaching Philosophy

  • Have you stopped feeling the joy and passion you once had for medicine?
  • Are you always pushing yourself to be the best physician you can be, only to be left feeling burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed?
  • Do you think you are missing out on life for work?
  • Do you feel trapped in medicine with no control over your life and career?

In The Joyful Physician 1-on-1 coaching, I help physicians (both women and men) overcome exhaustion, burnout, and any work-related stress, bring back their joy and passion for the career they’ve worked so hard on, start practicing medicine on their own terms, and enjoy their life feeling empowered and in charge.

Work with Me

If you are willing to stop constantly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, find genuine joy and fulfillment in your work, AND have freedom to spend your time on things that matter most to you, click HERE to schedule a FREE consultation call.

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