Dr. Shohreh AG, MD, Ph.D

: Physician Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I am a medical geneticist (MD, Ph.D) and certified life coach. I help families and parents of children with rare genetic conditions/special needs live their best lives by arming them with tools and skills to better navigate their journey and to feel more joyful and fulfilled, but less stressed and overwhelmed.

Parenting a child with a rare genetic condition or another form of special needs can be a hard, lonely, and isolating experience. It's almost impossible for someone who has never parented a child with special needs to ever fully understand what it’s like, but I have formed relationships with enough parents over the years to have a pretty good idea of what they’re going through.

By combining the extensive medical knowledge and expertise accumulated during my career as a practicing medical geneticist and scientist, with specialized coaching techniques and strategies, I empower special needs parents to overcome stress, confusion, and worry, become a better and happier parent, and enjoy their life without sacrificing their own needs and their well-being.

Work with Me

In my 8-week one-on-one coaching program, I will walk you through this journey and help you passionately to change your life for better and create your desired results.

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