Dr. Trina Dorrah, MD

: Self-Love & Body Confidence Coach

Expert Overview

Dr. Dorrah is a certified self-love and body confidence life coach. Her mission is to help women break free from the culture of body shaming that tells women their bodies are never good enough.

Dr. Dorrah was inspired to become a self-love and body confidence coach after recovering from an eating disorder, and after learning that almost everything she had been taught about diets, health, and body image was wrong. She wasted so many years of her life trying to find the magical diet that would help her finally love how she looked.

Ultimately, Dr. Dorrah realized that the key to finding self-love and body confidence starts with our thoughts, and it involves practicing concepts such as radical self-love, intuitive eating, questioning traditional diet rules, engaging in healthy behaviors regardless of our size, and learning to accept our bodies as they are in this moment.

Dr. Dorrah is passionate about using her experience to help other women find the same freedom around food and body image that she has found.

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