Elisia Keown

: Executive Leadership Coach

Expert Overview

If you're a leader of a team at a company, like most executives I've worked with, you're probably thinking about:

  • How to effectively manage your team
  • How to have the tough conversations
  • How to interpret strategic guidance from leadership and communicate it effectively to your team to get their buy-in
  • How to navigate the internal politics
  • How to get exactly what you need from your boss to create results and deliver the best value to them

These aren't easy skills. No one taught us this in school. Good news. I can help you with this.

Work with Me

Book a 30-minute coaching session: We can get to know each other better, then we'll dive right into your most immediate challenge and generate solutions to help move you forward.  This is a great way to experience my coaching one on one and learn how I help leaders just like you.