Elizabeth Sherman

: Life and Health Coach for Women in Midlife

Expert Overview

As we navigate the complexities of midlife, the old rules for health and wellness often need to change. My coaching philosophy is centered on empowering midlife women to embrace this transition with confidence and new found energy. Health does not need to be complicated. It can be simple & easy.

My Approach:

  • Customized Wellness: I blend lifestyle habit formation, hormonal balance, and mindset work to create a personalized path to wellness that respects your body's changing needs.
  • Listening to Your Body: Learn to tune into your body's signals, reducing cravings and enhancing your overall well-being.
  • Energizing Sleep: Strategies to improve sleep, boosting your energy and productivity.
  • Nutrition That Fits: Discover a diet that works for you, keeping you energized and mentally sharp.
  • Building Boundaries: Strengthen self-esteem and autonomy through effective personal boundaries.
  • Self-Accountability: Tools and techniques to keep you on track and motivated towards your goals.
  • Overcoming Barriers: Identify and tackle obstacles that hinder your progress, paving the way for joy and fulfillment.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Sustainable health habits tailored to your unique body and lifestyle.
  • A renewed sense of energy, clarity, and control over your health journey.
  • The joy of living a life aligned with your health goals and personal values.

Discover more about my coaching approach on my podcast, 'Total Health in Midlife', where I  dive into practical, real-world strategies for thriving in midlife amidst all that is changing around you.

Work with Me

As a habit-based coach with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in helping you create simple, sustainable habits for lasting results. Here’s how we can transform your journey to wellness together:

Your Future with Food: Imagine a life where no food is off-limits. Learn to enjoy treats without guilt and make choices that make you feel good. It's not about labeling foods as 'good' or 'bad,' but understanding what works for your body and mind.

Personalized Approach: Whether it’s through 1:1 sessions or group coaching, I respect your unique relationship with food and exercise. We'll work together to understand your body's responses, helping you distinguish between needs and wants - whether it's broccoli or brownies.

Holistic Wellness Focus: Our collaboration goes beyond just eating and exercise. We'll explore stress management, sleep quality, body image, and your thoughts around these areas. Understanding why we eat is as important as what we eat.

My Experience and Expertise: With multiple certifications in nutrition, personal training, women's hormone health, and coaching through a feminist lens, I bring a wealth of knowledge to our sessions. More importantly, my personal journey and experiences in weight management provide real-life insights that enrich our coaching process.

Taking the Next Step: If you're ready to embrace a balanced approach to health and wellness, I invite you to schedule a free consult call. No obligation, just a chance to explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.