Ellen Argo

: Life & Business Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that life is meant to be fun. That we all get into business, because we have a dream about the freedom and fun we will have in the outcome. So many of us get lost in the identity of owning a business, and the regularity of the "grind".

I believe we can all create a beautiful future, while having fun when we have the right tools that support ourselves, our dreams, our values, and our team.

I believe that we don't have to be serious, and strictly business in the business world to have an amazing outcome.

I believe that when we support our brains, we can allow ourselves to create the same outcome, with less exhaustion and way more fun, because we supported ourselves with our resources and coached ourselves along the way.

Work with Me

I am so excited to help you create the future- that you might not believe is possible for you yet. In an easier, and more fun way. Why not, right?!

My sessions are 30 minutes long, I have found this is the perfect amount of time to support your dreams goals, and effective takeaways, while staying on topic.

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