Ellen Yale

: Money Whispering Coach

Expert Overview

When you think about it, money isn’t really real.

It isn’t tangible.
We don’t exchange bars of gold.

We move numbers around on a screen.

Money is a placeholder for what we value.

Money coaching is never about the money.

It’s about what is important to us and what we think about the money.

The difference between people who are wealthy and people who want to be wealthy is how they think and feel about money.

You can have a million dollars and feel like you hit the lottery or have a million dollars and feel dirt poor.
It all depends on expectations and contrast.

It depends on the messages you received about money growing up and from our culture.

How you make money and spend money is about what you believe.

The good news is belief can be created and curated.

Each of us has the answers we need to achieve extraordinary goals and lead lives with integrity, deep joy, and abundance.

It’s just that we didn’t come with instruction manuals.

Getting from point A to point B on your own can seem like an impossible slog through a dense jungle.

That’s where coaching comes in.

Money coaching is one of the most powerful ways to access your potential.

It is one of the deepest, most worthwhile avenues to self-discovery available to you.

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