Emma Jones

: Life Coach

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Coaching you into success, Growing you into prosperity

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Emma's Successes:

  1. 2022 Nominee for Womens business awards for The Success Coach
  2. Welsh Women’s Awards 2019 Emma Jones was awarded the Highly Commended Entrepreneur of the Year.
  3. Won best welsh beauty salon in the whole of wales with a business I set up within 18 months of opening
  4. Was the number one female in the U.K. for the whole of Ariix network marketing.
  5. 2019 won Unleash your potential Ariix prestigious award

Emma's Qualification:

  • Diploma in psychology
  • SETQ teacher training
  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Mentoring for mentors
  • Diploma Life coaching
  • NLP centre of Excellence coaching and mentoring
  • Level 5 in management principles

Behind the scenes of The Success Coach, I am a wife, mother to 3 beautiful children and avid pet lover! In fact, I love dogs so much that I breed award winning pedigree golden retrievers for therapy dogs! Born in North Wales, I have been truly blessed with the most wonderful childhood and strong family support. Although classed as average in school, and destined to fail in the school system, my passion and drive for success, did not hold me back and instead, my ADD diagnosis, became the gift and driving force towards my dreams. Indeed, ADD has been my superpower, helping me think differently, see my uniqueness, consider problems from different perspectives and come up with creative solutions that others simply couldn’t see. My determination ensured I passed my exams despite my difficulties and headed towards a career in nursing. But I didn’t fit in that box of the repetitive, limiting, uninspiring education system I felt trapped in, and so after six months, I walked out and into an apprenticeship in the world of recruitment. I worked my way up and within 16 years I was Director of the company. The experience, use of my creativity and resourcefulness, gave me a hunger for entrepreneurship and in my 20’s I started my own businesses. Years of training, learning from mistakes and successes, mentoring, attending webinars, events and courses, introduced me to the world of coaching. Seeing people I worked with transformed through simple but powerful conversations, left me wanting more and knowing this was my path. Many years, awards and recognition later, I love my life, living in my dream home on a stunning Welsh mountain surrounded by my precious family, my dogs and living my purpose coaching others into success, one powerful conversation at a time.