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Erika Davian

: Life & Intimacy Coach for Millennial Men

Coaching Philosophy

Men these days are fed conflicting messages that leave many feeling stuck, lacking confidence, and afraid to take action.

Express your feelings.  (But be a “real man” and don’t cry.)

Be sexually assertive. (Yet non-threatening.)​

Get help when needed. (Actually, don’t.  Your needs are a weakness.)​

Be strong. (And vulnerable, too.)​

Provide and protect. (But also contribute equally at home.)

Don’t fuck up. (Failure isn't an option.)

With all these conflicting messages, it is no wonder many men avoid putting themselves out there in the dating world, struggle to maintain a work/life balance, avoid asking for that promotion at work, settle for a lackluster life, or experience sexual dysfunction.

I work with the “good guys”-- the men who really want to be strong, kind, and generous friends, colleagues, partners, and lovers, yet don’t know how to make all of the pieces line up.

Work with Me

I’m Erika, a life and intimacy coach with a background in a form of sex therapy.  I show millennial men how to develop the confidence to create the life they want both in and out of the bedroom.  My clients are often high-achieving in one or several areas of life, and together we work to level up all areas of their life.

I work privately with clients one-on-one.  Outside of our sessions together, I support their ongoing learning and growth through a program of videos, at home assignments, and reminders that makes the work truly transformational.

Want to learn more?  Visit my site to check out a four part video series that’s an intro to what life coaching is all about.