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Erin Aquin

: Master Life and Relationship Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I work with people who are ready to create wild, beautiful love. As the podcast host and author of "Revitalize Your Relationship", I am passionate about helping my clients stop wasting their time and energy in relationships that aren't working.

Whether you want to improve an existing relationship or start a new one, I will teach you the tools you need to navigate difficult conversations, end resentment and create the connection and intimacy you want and deserve. And I promise we will have FUN doing it.

Work with Me

Currently I offer a monthly membership program called Wild, Beautiful Love that will help you get focused and clear as you follow a step-by-step process for creating a better relationship.

I also work with a small number of private clients who are serious about creating the life of their dreams not only in their core relationships but in every area. Learn more by booking a free consultation here