Erin Pinto

: The Nurse Coach for Nurses in burnout.

Expert Overview

I'm here to help Nurses process and prevail, in the face of burnout and compassion fatigue. The system may be broken but you amazing human, are not. It's time friend. Return to your love of nursing and most importantly, yourself.

Work with Me

Any of the following sound familiar?

  • "I just want to get through this shift."
  • "Why is this provider being so difficult?"
  • "I'm not getting enough help."
  • "This is not going to get any easier."
  • "I'll be happier when: we're fully staffed, when I get recognized, when we get a new manager, when I have a better patient assignment..."

This was 110% me before I found coaching. Through coaching I learned the skills to:

  • Not be a jerk to myself.
  • Uncover years of damaging deep seeded beliefs.
  • Acknowledge my grief in a sustainable way.
  • Set boundaries for myself and feel good when doing it.
  • Take care of "The difficult patient" with ease and understanding.
  • Connect with my spouse and child in a deeper way.
  • Return to life outside of work and LIVE as we are meant to do!


If any of this interest you please join me! Just click here to link directly to my site and see how to schedule your FREE 1 hour Discovery Call with me. You don't have to bring any specific topic, I've got you!