Esther Mbabazi

: Certified Life Coach

Expert Overview

I help moms who are smart, figure things out, but struggle with yelling at their preteen daughters.

Work with Me

Do you want to understand your preteen daughter and be understood by her?
Want to learn how to NOT yell back at your preteen daughter when she yells at you?
I can teach how; We dig deep into the things that the traditional school system doesn’t teach us.
Why you are uncomfortable being in the presence of your daughter when is clearly experiencing emotions.
How to NOT let parenting struggles with your preteen daughter be a source of conflict with your spouse.

That is why I created my program The Mom Connection Guide because I know that yelling should be the default response.

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We will break down the last fight you had with your daughter,

so we can figure out where the breakdown happened.

If you FINALLY stopped yelling at your preteen daughter, would it be worth it?

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