Flora Maurincomme

: Life and Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

I help people make their mind a fantastic place to live in.

I help my clients create any result that they could ever want in their life, by teaching them how to manage their minds.

I have no idea what my clients are going to bring to a session. It can be anything.
It can be related to their family, their business, their relationship, their confidence, their past, their future, their time, their energy… anything.

My clients come to me with desires and drama.
They bring me all their stuff. They let it all out.

The drama they ruminate on,
the tiny things that bother them,
the big things they can’t stop thinking about,
the dreams and goals they have but haven’t taken action towards yet,
the mindset they are stuck in,
the obstacles they keep running into,
the boundaries they can’t set,
the thought loops they can’t get out of,
the habits that drive them mad…

And then:

I help them clean their drama,
I show them what they are currently creating and how to stop fighting for more of what they don’t want anymore,
I ask them the tough questions that people around them haven’t asked them,
I challenge them to get out of their own way,
I give them coaching tools to apply in any aspect of their lives,
I support them in creating more of what they want,
I offer them a different way to see themselves,
I leave them with big uncomfortable questions to answer for themselves,
I teach them how to take care of themselves emotionally and mentally no matter what is happening in their lives.

As a result of that process, they change their lives and their mind becomes a fantastic place to live in.

Work with Me

I coach my clients 1:1.

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