Gina Conover

: Divorce + Confidence Coach

Expert Overview

I help women confidently heal from divorce by learning how to rebuild trust in themselves.

Work with Me

Survival mode helped you when you needed to end your marriage.

Now survival mode is keeping you stuck. It's time to learn new tools to heal + rebuild your life.

It's time to stop surviving & learn to trust yourself again.

You can confidently heal from your divorce + rebuild a life you love.

When you're stuck in survival mode, learning to trust yourself can feel impossible.

That's why I created Confidently Divorced. In my customer 12-week coaching program, I teach you the steps you need to take in order to develop the skill to

  • Rebuild trust in yourself
  • Unlock your confidence
  • Breakthrough the struggles & doubts that keep you stuck &
  • Step into the version of yourself that is empowered to rebuild your life on purpose

I will teach you exactly how to confidently heal from your divorce and create the life you want to live.