Gina Pohl

: Coach for People Who Grew Up with an Unavailable Parent

Expert Overview

I coach people who grew up with an unavailable parent so that they can heal old wounds and move forward being able to manage triggers from the past.

An Unavailable Parent can be defined in many ways.

  • Growing up without a father or mother, divorce, death, fostered, adopted
  • Having a parent who was emotionally unavailable: unable to connect, converse or engage
  • Having a parent who was there but unavailable: workaholic, narcissist, substance abuse
  • Parents who had parents that were unavailable: continuing the cycle
  • Parents who only accept their children when they are "perfect" and reject them when they are not
  • Parents who want the child to take of of them during the child's adolescence

I have found that there are many different circumstances, but the effects are the same.

  • Feeling not good enough
  • Searching for acceptance
  • Trust issues
  • Relationship issues - unable to fully connect
  • Control issues
  • Endlessly searching for something to take away the broken or emptiness inside
  • Triggers from the past
  • People pleasing
  • Problems with self-worth/self-love

Work with Me

If you are someone who grew up or is growing up with an unavailable parent, you are all to aware of that empty feeling inside.

You know the effects because you are living them.

I can show you how to free yourself from your past and teach you the tools to overcome the effects you still have today.


Coaching for Parents who have a child growing up with an unavailable parent.

  • Awareness and tools to help minimize the impact that an unavailable parent can have on a child

Coaching for Single Parents

  • The struggles of playing both roles
  • Learn tools to help navigate single parenting and emotional management

Coaching for Adults and Mature Children

  • Uncover beliefs
  • Learn to process emotions
  • Managing triggers from your past
  • Healing old wounds

Freeing yourself from your past is an empowerment that can change your life.