Heather Kerr

: Creative Expansion Coach

Expert Overview

I help professional women who crave “something more” create more purposeful, personally fulfilling lives, without needing to leave their jobs or take big risks.

If you feel trapped, unfulfilled and frustrated at work because there are so many other things you'd love to be doing, I know exactly how to help you because I've been there too.  I was an international tax lawyer with a creative soul who despised rules of any sort. Now I'm doing work I love. I'll show you how to do work you love too.

I’ll help you define exactly what you want, create a specific vision and take the actions you need to create the life you want. We’ll do this together in slow easy steps. No dramatic departures or sudden leaps will be required (unless, of course, you're the kind of person who enjoys that!)  If the actions you want to take feel impossible and you're convinced there are too many roadblocks standing in your way, no problem! My job as your coach is to see possibilities you don't. By the time we’re done, you won’t want to hit snooze on your alarm. You’ll feel fuelled with your purpose and excited to start your day.

Work with Me

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