Heather Shuler

: Self Love Coach

Expert Overview

You do not have to hate yourself in order to improve you or your life.  You don't have to hate yourself for all that you lack or are doing "wrong" in fact the more you stay in self-hate the more it will keep you stuck exactly where you are.

Let me show you how to love yourself even during the mess-ups, and the lack.

No need to live in shame, overwhelm, blame, judgment or exhaustion anymore it's time to move on to peace, love, contentment, excitement, and JOY!

Don't suffer for one more day, I've got you!

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I 100% get it.  I've been there. I was the master of all things self-hate & negative self-talk.  Nothing you could tell me will surprise me! I know how it feels to so badly want to change and get it right but never being able to make a change that lasts.  But I also know the incredible feeling of being able to change it ALL.

With the tools I have I've helped 100's, including myself, make the change to love, understanding and peace and I know I can help you too!

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