Helen Zetterlund

: Time Management Coach for Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

Hello, I’m Helen! Your time management coach teaching you (if you’re a coach or entrepreneur) how to become a powerful CEO of your time. In business and life.

Here is what I know. You don’t need a lot of time to grow your business. The time you have now is ENOUGH.

Even if you have kids at home.

Even with a full-time job.

The number of hours you have isn’t what matters. What you do with the time you have is what does. 

Results don't take time. Results happen fast when you make decisions and take actions as if it’s done.

- One client created her signature program within a month of us working together.

- Another client learned to use her schedule to create new amazing habits in her life, including getting back to exercising four times a week.

- And a third client had a dream of launching her podcast that year did that within the first two months of us working together.

I have a specific process I will teach you to get things done in less time AND the mind work required to follow through on it. Step by step, I walk you through how to prioritize, organize and create your projects with ease without sacrificing other things in life.

By the end of us working together, you will:

- Have created more consistency in your business.

- Learned how to get more things done in LESS time.

- Created an amazing relationship with time (and yourself).

- Made a simple plan you WANT to follow.

- Know how to make any planner WORK FOR YOU.

- Built self-trust and confidence in yourself.

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