Holly Pendergast

: Business Coach

Expert Overview

My favorite lines of the model are the F and the A-line. But who doesn't love an intentional R line?!  Obviously, it's all about the T line, buuuuut let's circle back to that.

My coaching philosophy is: If it ain't fun, it ain't happening.

And sometimes doing things that make you wanna throw up, like massive-ass-action... is FUN.

What you can expect for me as your business coach/mentor:

  • I don't fuck around when it comes to telling you the bold truth (that you need to hear to grow)
  • I'm 100% down for belly laughs always
  • Unconditionally loving-and-believing-in-you = my coach-brain-default-mode.
  • I'm dead serious about celebrations. (Like every single little win.)
  • And teaching you unconditional self-love when the BIG feelings come up while building a business.

My approach to business coaching is to question alllllll status-quo-like decisions, so you can make all your life and business decisions, AGAIN, with more gusto and a side of fuck the patriarchy. 😉


Work with Me

When we work together one-to-one, you walk away having laid the FOUNDATION of your business so you can take your new offer and RUN WITH IT to make your first $5k in business. (That's just the start.)

Here's how it all goes down...

We meet on Zoom once a week and you get Voxer support to help you:

-Decide your niche (aka decide what problem you can solve for people, no more drama bout this.)

-Create your "Sign me up NOW" offer and give it a dope name. (I've been called the ideal whisper-er when it comes to offers and phrases to nail you specific niche.)

-Decide your pricing and make sure it feels reallllly good for you

-Think like a CEO instead of an employee (aka confidence you need to sell your offer and decisions that will create a SOLD-OUT program.)

-Market this baby (with a content calendar) so you get your community all riled up about working with you

Your offer will feel so irresistible to them, your new clients will be whipping out their wallets, dying to pay you.   

>> Program Details <<

We start with a Zoom sesh where I 'diagnose' your business, and tell you why your business bank account, ain't flu$h with money yet AND of course, I give you a custom game plan on how to change all that, forever.

Then I can answer all your burning questions about what it would like for us to work together.

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