Holly Pendergast

: Style Disruptor & Coach

Expert Overview

My name is Holly Pendergast.
I was a Scholars 1:1 Mindset Coach for LCS in 2021 and accumulated over 1,000 + hours of experience,
coaching on everything under the sun.

I built my coaching business while I worked for the school,
since then have been running my business, full time, working with women 1:1, in groups, and live in-person.

From all my experience over the years, here is my coaching philosophy:

1. Coaching is a practice of 'knowing thy self.'

Life gets interesting when you see it as an ever-evolving work of art,
where you are the masterpiece.

2. New action creates new beliefs.

I love using the model to generate "pinch me" opportunities for myself and my clients.

3. Show don’t tell.

Let your energy speak for you in your style, attraction, business, relationships, marketing, all of it.
Self-expression is the gateway to understanding yourself. (And standing out.)

4. Follow your fun it will lead to your genius.

This is why style is a major part of the coaching experiences that I offer.
Embodying FUN is not only fun for you, it's magnetic to your soulmate clients.

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