Ingrid Wolpert, MSc, MA

: Stop Bingeing Coach

Expert Overview

I’m Ingrid and I help ambitious, driven and successful women stop binge eating.

You've figured out how to run your life successfully in many areas, but you just can’t figure out your food and eating struggles. I get how frustrating this is, because that was me for a long time.

I have the tools to help you stop bingeing and live life to the full without the constant anxiety, guilt and shame around eating and food.


I am a Certified Coach and trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

I have many years’ experience in mental health. I blend coaching, CBT and other therapeutic approaches I have trained in over the years into my unique approach to help you stop bingeing.

I am a recovered binge eater, having struggled for 25 years and tried many things that didn’t work before I finally found what did.


I don’t subscribe to ‘one size fits all’ programs that tell you what to do. If they worked, you could just read a book and heal yourself.

Working with you, I teach you the most effective tools for you to overcome your specific binge eating patterns.

Whilst binge eaters often feel a lot of guilt and shame and addressing it can seem heavy, I love to use humour and a light touch in our sessions when appropriate.

Work with Me

How I help you 1:1

6 MONTH BESPOKE COACHING PROGRAM of 20 sessions a 50 minutes on Zoom, with Voxer support

RESULTS after my 6 month program:

Before working with me, my clients spend 30-50% of their day thinking about food and their body, and it’s never positive. They are filled with anxiety, guilt and shame about what they eat and how it affects their body.

Imagine no longer binge eating, freeing up all that time and energy thinking about food and letting go of anxiety and shame around food and body.

After working together, you can devote your time, money and energy to your relationships, to your personal and professional goals, to hobbies, to a full life, because food is no longer a problem.

My 8 step program includes:
Change Your Self-Talk - Mindset - Intuitive Eating - Mindful Movement – Release The Fear Of Weight Gain - Overcoming Body Shame – Meet Your Needs Outside Of Food – Future Self and Goals

Learning the skills to stop binge eating permanently are skills that can be applied to achieving other goals in life. Working with me, you don't just stop binge eating, you get to transform your life as a whole.

If you want a holistic approach to overcoming binge eating that is bespoke and uniquely tailored to your situation, let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.

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🛑 I don’t work with women who suffer with bulimia (or use any compensatory behaviours such as laxatives/drugs) or with anorexia.


I spent my childhood in Southern Germany and have lived in Belgium, the US, and in the UK for the past 15 years. I live in Devon with my husband and my three young children (two girls and a boy).

🏊‍♀️Wild swimming fan
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