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Isabel Sterling

: Creative Writing Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Isabel helps writers navigate the traditional publishing process without burnout, overwhelm, or creative exhaustion.

There are only five things novelists need to do to break into traditional publishing:

1) Come up with an amazing idea
2) Develop compelling characters and an interesting plot
3) Actually WRITE the book
4) Revise the story until it shines
5) Send the finished manuscript to agents

These five steps are simple, but they aren't easy.

Isabel has distilled her decade of experience navigating the traditional publishing industry to help new writers do the same. Her clients get on-demand access to focused lessons on each of the five steps plus one-on-one coaching to address the biggest hurdle...

The doubt, insecurity, and fear that keeps writers from finishing their novels.

Work with Me

Isabel works one-on-one with novelists who are serious about pursuing traditional publication. If you have stories in your heart and a drive to see your work in bookstores, Isabel can help you get there.

In addition to being a certified coach, Isabel is a multi-published novelist with the largest publishing house in the US (Penguin Random House). Using the same steps she teaches her clients, Isabel continues to write new novels that keep her creatively fulfilled while meeting publisher deadlines without burnout. Since her debut novel published in 2019, her books have been translated into multiple languages and have earned over $100,000 in royalties.

Writing and publishing novels isn't easy, but you can do hard things. Let's go.

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