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Jacquie Mills

: Confidence Coach for Mums

Coaching Philosophy

I teach mums confidence from the inside out so they can start saying no to others and yes to themselves.

Most people identify their mum as being the biggest influence in their life. Yet, mums are constantly putting themselves last and sacrificing their own happiness for their families. So when our children look to us pleasing others, afraid to say ‘no’, stuffing food in our mouths to cope with anxiety, spending money we don’t have to cheer ourselves up and talking negatively to ourselves what kind of message are we sending to them?

I believe a mothers mental and emotional health should be the #1 priority above all else. Because a mum who is confident and fulfilled is going to have a much greater impact on her child’s life.

Work with Me

Mums Made for More is my 1:1 private coaching program where we deep dive into the cause of your frustrations so you can be a happier, more confident mum.

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