Jamie Berman

: Master Mindset Coach for Coaches

Expert Overview

The only thing that stands between you and your dream coaching business is your MINDSET!

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching to overcome our limiting beliefs and step into our highest potential as coaches. As someone who hid and played small for far too long, I have personally transformed every area of my life through coaching and am passionate about helping others do the same!

I see so many extremely gifted coaches holding themselves back due to the limitations they place on themselves, and a lack of confidence. I am here to help them clear these out and step into their true power, so they can show up, be seen, serve, and make an incredible living doing it!

Work with Me

I work with a select number of highly committed coaches each quarter. The work we do together is intimate, honest, and life-changing. My clients tell me I have a gift for seeing their potential before they are able to fully see it themselves.

Additionally, I work with my clients on shifting their beliefs around money and success, letting go of the outdated overly-masculine approach that creating success has to be hard. My approach is the opposite. I have seen first-hand, the more fun we have in our business, the more money we make!

As a certified master coach with a background in spiritual psychology, I bring a unique combination of coaching techniques and spiritual perspectives to our sessions, resulting in remarkable transformation.

If you are ready to stop hiding in your business and create success from joy rather than hustle, I may be the coach for you!