Jane Pilger

: Master Binge Eating & Body Trust Coach

Expert Overview

Many binge eating programs focus on what to eat, or what to think to stop bingeing. But if you don’t feel safe in your body or safe around certain foods, no amount of special diets or new belief systems will work. Other experts tell you to remove all restrictions, which often leads to massive weight gain and more physical and emotional discomfort.

I teach my clients how to cultivate safety and trust - with food and with their bodies. They learn how their body works and how to communicate with it so that they can work with it rather than against it.

As they develop understanding, trust and safety with their bodies, they naturally gravitate toward a way of eating that feels natural and effortless. The binge eating falls away without a struggle. My clients leave our work together with the tools they need to navigate life when challenging moments arise, even when food is no longer a coping mechanism.

My work is rooted in science, trauma informed and filled with compassion.

Work with Me

If you are curious about what it’s like to work with me to create safety and trust with yourself and with food, I invite you to join me for a no cost, no pressure Food Freedom Session. You bring your questions, your fears, your doubts, or your biggest struggle and I will show you how to start cultivating trust and safety with yourself right away.
I structure these calls so that you will walk away with a deeper understanding of why you binge and a clear next step on how to sustainably move towards food freedom and body trust.
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