Janelle Coy

: Nurse & Healthcare Professional Burnout Coach

Expert Overview

I have been a RN since 1984 and have overcome burnout a few times in those years. I have found the "secret sauce" to not allowing burnout to rule my life and I can show you this remedy as well. I teach my clients how to take back control of their life, manage the demands of their life, and manage their mind in order to live a joyful and fulfilled life

Work with Me

I have been an oncology nurse my entire career and for many of those beginning years, I did not know how to set emotional boundaries. This led me down the rabbit hole every time I lost a patient to death or disease progression which inevitably led to career burnout. This cycle happened over and over until I had lost more than 1 marriage, relationships with friends and family, and physical health. Finally I said "NO MORE" and began to work on how to thrive rather than just survive. Now I am passionate about helping others do the same.