Janelle Dessaint Kimura

: Digital Addiction - News & Fear Coach

Expert Overview

I help people navigate their attachments to digital devices, over consumption of news and social media, and addiction to the adrenaline of fear to live free in an increasingly digital world.

Understand that our devices are simply a tool for our use.

Become more aware of your digital media habits and decide to be in charge of how and when you consume digital media content, what you think, and how you respond to the world around you.

Release the fear you feel from daily doom-scrolling and reclaim your mind and life. Decide which boundaries work for you and learn to honor yourself and your digi-goals.

Learn to reduce distractions, disconnect from and minimize the pull of the digital world to live in the present and focus on what really matters.

Ai creates a new set of challenges between understanding what is real and what is not.

I would love to help you learn how to minimize the negative digital impact your devices have in your life so you can consume with intention and be present for the people and things that truly matter.

Work with Me

If the pull of the digital world has you distracted, afraid, and over-consuming content leading to insecurity and damaged relationships, my coaching method will teach you how to be in charge of your devices and digital inputs.

We learn to separate the digital world from the natural world and choose to focus on what really matters. I coach 1:1 and offer public speaking options for your group or corporate wellness program.

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