Jani Burke

: Christian Life Coach for Women over 50

Expert Overview

LCS Model + God's Word = The Best Life Ever
My approach to coaching is to utilize the Life Coach School Model in light of God's Word. While they work beautifully hand in hand, it is not always obvious on the surface. I assist my client's in dealing with real life issues in light of what they are thinking. We hold those thoughts up to Scriptural alternatives to those thoughts so they can discover their best life going forward.

Work with Me

This phase of life brings to the surface, many new thoughts and circumstances. Women are often challenged to become something new in light of their children becoming adults. Our identity may have been wrapped up in who we are as a mom, and while that still holds true, your roles change dramatically, which can be challenging.

Sometimes, this phase of life brings new opportunities, such as a new career, or launching a new business.

Having extensive experience in launching successful entrepreneurial businesses, and having worked at the national executive level, I delight in being a resource for those who have decided it is time to 'start something new'!

And sometimes... This phase of life comes with the thought, "It's not supposed to be this hard..."

By taking ahold of your thoughts, you have the capacity to overcome the issues of everyday life, rediscover your faith, and live your best life... Renewed faith, conviction and purpose in a way that serves you, your family, your community and most significantly, your God.

God is not done with you yet... Let's finish strong!