Janna Stock

: Mom/Adult Child Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

As moms, it’s hard to see and treat our grown children as adults.

  • Adults who need to be independent.
  • Adults who may need to learn the hard way.
  • Adults who need respect for who they are now, not who they were at 16 years old.

As moms, we tend to blame our adult children for the issues in the relationship. We blame it on their lack of maturity, attitude and life choices.

  • It’s hard for us to see them for who they are as adults.
  • It’s hard for us to see our part when communication issues arise.
  • It’s hard for us to adjust and look at situations logically instead of emotionally.

I help moms identify the issues and develop the skills to strengthen their relationships with their adult children without sacrificing themselves.

Work with Me

It’s all about you and your relationships – you start with an issue and we break it down into manageable parts.

From there we work together to move you forward.

We will take a no-nonsense approach with action steps, identifying obstacles and strategies and defining the thought process needed to take your relationships where you want them to go.

I teach you how you can improve the relationship by being more aware of how you think and react. In many cases, slight changes in your approach create dramatic results.

Just imagine the future you can have with your children!