Jasmin Matzakow

: Life Coach for Artists and Creative Professionals

Expert Overview

To all mid-career artists and creative professionals who are stuck in a slump and lost your artistic passion.

Years ago, you started your career with so much fire, idealistically you put a lot of time and energy into developing your creative practice, and now you are wondering „why am I doing this again?“

Let’s get you out of that slump and rediscover the power of your artistic process.
You will create safety and trust with yourself and create your art with ease.

I have worked with the plant the Stinging Nettle in my art for many years and I learned a lot from her.
 I have harvested the large plants in autumn in my local parks, brushed away the leaves and dried the stalks in my studio. I broke the stems open, peeled away the strong skin and was left with long strands of green fibres that I could twist into yarn. I worked hundreds of plants into threads and threads into necklaces.

All of this to say that I have been quite intimate with the Stinging Nettle for years and I have observed many traits from the Nettle that I could transfer into my life: She lets you know clearly when you have crossed her boundaries, you feel the prickly itch on your skin right away. But when you know how to be around her, when you take your time, you can pick her fresh leaves with bare hands. She grows big and lush wherever humans leave their shit. She is a great metaboliser and transforms used material into extraordinary new fuel. She gives a lot of herself, you can drink her tea, eat her like spinach, let her fertilise your garden, create nourishing hair wash and twist her fibres into strong, lasting yarn for ropes and fabric.

Do you want to live less anxious, with more ease and learn how to compost your mental sh!t into the fuel of your life: come and coach with me.

I am and artist and a life coach, and I’m taking all I have learned in 20 years of making art, teaching art, being human, and my coach training into one programme:

The Stinging Nettle Coaching Programme

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Create Stinging Nettle Boundaries so that you are not anxious anymore and start trusting yourself.
We will look at the state of your boundaries, so that you are aware of them and clearly know them in your bones. You will get to a place where you can communicate them with more ease.

Create Stinging Nettle Clarity so that you take your decisions quickly and calmly. Gone are the days when you spend weeks thinking about which is the best option and are so paralyzed that you don't try anything at all. (Remember the last time you wanted to buy a backpack, spend days researching for the best one and didn't buy at all in the end???)
We will look at your decision overwhelm: All the decisions you want to take but are not taking. You will find ways to make the best decision for you. Quickly and calmly.

Create Stinging Nettle Sovereignty so that you stop expending your energy on this perfect looking mask that you wear and which disconnects you from your creativity. Connect back with your inner fire that started this career of yours.

Create Stinging Nettle Roots so that you take up space in this world comfortably and calmly. Learn to create safe belonging for yourself.

Create Stinging Nettle Weirdness so that you can embrace your oddities with love. Doing that will allow you to create more art than you ever have, in a way you will enjoy. I will help you transmute what you think is bad about yourself into your super powers.
Fun fact: "weird" comes from having power to control fate. Let’s go do that together!

Create Stinging Nettle Composting Powers so that you are not afraid of failing anymore and start experimenting playfully. All the while being kind to yourself. Beating yourself up is a super intense energy hog. Let’s direct that energy where you actually want to use it.

Create Stinging Nettle Nourishing Love (you know, the kind that also loves your healthy boundaries) so that you feel at ease no matter what. Focus on giving in a way that nourishes both other people AND you. That’s like a super power and will give you lots of room to move in your life.

Work with Me

How does this work?

We meet once a week for an hour, for six months to coach on whatever you bring to the session. You don't need to come prepared (of course you can), we simply start from what IS right now. This work is a process, and the programme is the container for your journey.

I'm here to help you create belonging and clarity in your life.
You will be able to create safety for yourself and trust yourself, no matter what.

I believe strongly in the process of coaching, and I believe even stronger in your abilities to do this.

Let's chat!

To get your questions answered, you can book a free 1 hour discovery call. We meet online. Here is my calendar.

If you have questions, you can send me a message through my email, instagram or facebook.