Jen Cui

: Intuition & Confidence Coach • Hypnotherapist

Expert Overview

Personal development isn't about constant improvement or fixing yourself. It's about embracing and expressing your true self.

It’s about being your real f*cking self.

In doing so, I have helped past clients:

- Reclaim their power after sexual assault and emotionally abusive relationships
- Feel lit up by life and reconnected to their joy- even with stage 4 cancer
- Say "no" to dating the wrong people and make experiencing genuine connection the norm
- Experience peace and gratitude in their life- without having to change anything externally
- Cultivate the belief, energy, and focus to build their own business (on top of their full-time career!)
- Wake up excited to execute their healthiest life—rather than skipping their routines for the 140th day in a row
- Develop peace with past traumas and ground in a healed self-concept

As a ✨Soul Whisperer✨ I'm a no-b.s. intuitive that bridges the energetics and pragmatics so you can reconnect with your intuition and develop the confidence to create the success, love, and peace you deserve.

Come check out my work, take what resonates, and work with me in the most aligned way for you.

See you soon!

Work with Me

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