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Jen Cui

: Freedom, Confidence, and Inner Peace Facilitator

Coaching Philosophy

"Living your best life," is a mindset.

Life is NOT linear.

I feel like everyone knows this, yet they are SO AFRAID to let go of this idea that there is a “right” path or that there is a path at all.

You can feel like you KNOW how your life is go, have a beautiful plan laid out filled with rainbows and daisies (aka. get the degree, make all the money, meet your soulmate, have kids, save up for retirement, finally live your dreams in your 60's then die).

Then have the universe pull the fricking rug from under you and take a fat crap on your plans. But guess what.

That’s life. That’s life saying “you’re not supposed to figure it out because there’s nothing TO figure out.”

Because that’s what gives your life the opportunity to evolve, grow, change, experience all of the depths of the human experience.

And in those times? You are STILL living your best HUMAN life.

We can’t ever move backwards, and we can't predict the future-

So stop telling yourself:
- that you’re going backwards in life
- that things aren't "working"
- that you wish you could go back to when…
- that life feels so uncertain
- that you don’t know what to do
- that you should have figured it out by now
- that you need more time or feel more ready

That's all BS.

(Maybe really believable BS, but it's still BS stinking up your brain)

Learn how to ACCEPT that life has never been more or less uncertain 5 years ago, or in 2020, or in the future.

And then have the AUDACITY to dream big, and create a fantastical life.

Freedom is a result of becoming aware of, and then intentionally surrendering control over, the things you never really had control over.

You’re going to go through shit regardless of what goal you’re trying to achieve- but you get to choose the shit that comes with living your best life instead of what you think you “should” be doing.

Choose the path that’s aligned with who you are and take the steps that light you up knowing that you’re not doing it because you think you’ll escape fear, discomfort, stress, or worry, but because you want to experience it in a way that EXPANDS YOU.


P.S. When I was suicidal AF and came THIS close to unaliving myself, I made peace with death.

I was willing to move up my timeline. I was tired of the hustle. Tired of the pain. Tired of my problems. I felt like escaping.

And in the years that followed the decision to KEEP GOING, I had to show myself time and time again that it’s safe and okay and PREFERRED to slow down, embrace the unknown, and take the next step anyways (in ANY direction).

I realized I wasn’t on a path, I was in a FIELD- a beautiful open field for me to explore without a timeline.

I changed the voices inside my head, and began to dance.

Now, it's your turn.

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