Jen Laffin

: Goals Coach for High-Achieving Women Who Struggle with Self-Doubt

Expert Overview

When it comes to helping others with big projects, you are the go-to person because you get things done. ​

You're organized.

You're efficient.

You don't stop until you've found success.

But when it comes to getting your own big things to the finish line...well, that's another story.

Maybe you procrastinate.

Maybe you spin in confusion.

Maybe you tell yourself terrible things about your ability to just do the darn thing.

Your results? You continue to be so awesome for everyone else but feel terrible on the inside because you can't do the same for yourself.

I know exactly how this works because I WAS you, my friend.

And I can show you a better way...

I help high-achieving women who struggle with self-doubt learn to put themselves, their dreams, and their goals at the TOP of their to-do list and take action to get them done so that their lives can feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

When you work with me, you will:

* Gain clarity around your vision for what you want to achieve --> No more spinning in confusion or doubt. We'll develop a crystal-clear plan and set up an accountability system to keep you moving forward.

* Show up for yourself as well as you do for others --> Learn to apply the tools that work for you elsewhere to your own life and goals. I'll also teach you how your brain works against you to keep you stuck in your comfort zone. (This alone will change everything.)

* Feel so much better --> No more negative self-talk, doubt, or shame. You'll experience a massive boost in confidence, clarity, and pride as you watch your dreams come to life.

As a Certified Professional Mindset & Life Coach and a Master Teacher, I have the skills and knowledge to help you do this work.

I've helped so many women already.

Will you be next?

Work with Me

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