Jen Madden

: Anti-Diet Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help plus-sized women get healthy without dieting.

You are not the problem. Diets are.

You diet. You overexercise. You binge. You lose. You gain.  You beat yourself up for not keeping the weight off.  You're done with diets and all you want is to feel strong and healthy in your body.

I understand.  I've been there. Done that.  There is a better way. Let me show you.


~ Going to dinner with friends and not checking the menu ahead of time to see if there is any food that is on your plan.

~ Wanting an ice cream cone and eating it without guilt

~ Exercising because it feels good rather than as a form of punishment

~ No longer letting the scale determine if you get to have a good day or not

This is possible!

When you work with me, I will teach you the steps I used to break up with dieting so that you can stop obsessing with your weight and focus on your health.

Work with Me

Curious about working with me?

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