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Jen Moulton

: Creative Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help artists and creatives generate the confidence and creative power they need to finally achieve their artistic goals.

It wasn’t until I experienced coaching that I found the tools to unearth all the thoughts and beliefs around making art and being an artist that were holding me back. Coaching gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to create again, redefine success for myself, and enjoy the satisfaction of finishing projects I had been stuck on for so long.

The best thing I ever learned is that success is an inside job.

Now I give artists and creatives the support they need to confidently create and execute.

Imagine having all the pieces in place to just be fully present in the act of creation. No fear. No beating yourself up over negative thoughts. Just you and the full expression of your creative vision. What if you were able to simply let your creativity flow?

Work with Me

I work with artists and creatives who are committed to making their creative dreams a reality.

In my coaching program, I teach my clients how to build belief in their creative connection and intuition and to create aligned art without the mental drama. Together we work to identify the beliefs that keep you stuck and you learn how to define your artistic goal and break it down into achievable steps. When my clients graduate they know exactly how to keep the work going.

In addition to my coach certification, I hold a BA in psychology and am reiki certified.. I utilize and blend all of my training to coach powerfully and teach my clients how to reliably tap into their inner wisdom for guidance. Through our work, my clients realize that they can create anything they want -- they learn how to create it during our time together and then they have the repeatable system 'recipe' to keep going and keep creating their contribution.

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