Jenn Milligan

: The Coach for Busy Women Financial Advisors

Expert Overview

I help women financial advisors stop rushing through their work and personal lives while continuing to achieve tremendous results in the areas of their lives that matter most to them.  The linchpin is taking charge of your schedule.  I show you how to create five extra hours in your week to use any way you want.  You don't need a fancy planner, expensive software, or an assistant to get started now.  I take you from harried, hustling, and hassled to calm, collected, and confident.

Work with Me

Click here to receive my free video series, "Get 5 Hours Back in Your Week". Since I would never waste your time, each video is less than three minutes long. I will teach you about the real problem with time (It's not what I thought it was for years.) and give you the 5 keys to taking back control of your schedule. These simple tools can transform your relationship with time. You will have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one at the end of the video series if you want to dig deeper.