Jenn Zingmark

: Certified Life Coach & Divorce Mentor for LDS/ Christian Women

Expert Overview

I work with Latter-day Saint/ Christian women maneuvering the challenges of life while dealing with divorce in any stage. I fully relate to your desire to remain faithful to God and fulfill His plan for your life when YOUR plans have failed! I’ve got you! It IS possible! I help women dealing with divorce. I can offer hope, healing, and happiness no matter what your circumstances are.

I can help you find Joy in Your Journey and create the life you dream of!

Work with Me

I will help you find a Path to Peace while achieving the results you desire in ALL areas of their life. We work together to improve your relationships, confidence, physical, mental and emotional health. I’ll show you why this is absolutely possible for you. You’ll walk away knowing that there is a way for you to have the Hope and Happiness you want and deserve.

One decision can have a Massive Impact on your life. Decide if this could be right for you.

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