Jenna Bear

: Life and Mindset Coach for Midlife Women

Expert Overview

I help midlife women to feel happier, more alive and excited about their life in six weeks.

After experiencing the power of Life Coaching, I almost immediately left my long-time corporate job in communications, coaching and human change behavior to become a professional certified coach myself.

Now, I'm on a mission to help other women like me to understand how the biggest barrier between you and the life you want (at any age!) is your mindset, and why that is. There are facts about your brain that every human needs to understand for achieving a big, bold, and inspired life.

Together, we will uncover where you are sabotaging yourself through a causal coaching model. Then, I will teach you how to recognize this and use tools to redirect going forward, meaning that your life is improved not for just today or tomorrow, but for as long as you live!

Nothing can be more valuable. Let's connect in a free consult to see if we're a good match for this work!

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