Jennifer Dent Brown

: Life + Weight Loss Coach

Expert Overview

It's time to get off of the weight loss struggle bus. When your current weight loss plan doesn't seem to work, you quit that one and go start another, right?

Sounds insane, but unfortunately, it's very common. Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight-loss related products.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This little bit of information is NOT new to you.

It's finally time to realize the next new diet isn't going to solve your weight loss problem. The diet is not the issue. It's you.

Your relationship with food, your mindset, and your lifestyle are the things that are keeping your weight up and your spirits low.

It's time to do weight loss in a completely new way.

Work with Me

Jennifer Dent Brown is a certified, transformative Life and Weight Loss Coach, host of a widely popular podcast, and Founder of the quickly growing brand, Stop. Dieting. Forever. ™

What began as a decades-long struggle with her own weight, has blossomed into a company with a mission to help as many women as possible get off the weight loss struggle bus and arrive at their forever weight.

Through her company, she offers women private coaching, group programs, general wellness education, but most importantly the support they need to disprove the belief that weight loss is a struggle.

Her passion to serve others has provided audiences with countless hours of content via her podcast and social media, where you can follow along her journey to help women learn to stop. dieting. forever.

You can find out more about Jennifer here.