Jennifer VanKeulen

: The Timeless To Do List Coach

Expert Overview

I believe that you were placed on this earth for a reason.

And that reason matters so very much.

Because if this belief, I wrote you a book. It is titled, "The Timeless To Do List". I wrote it first of all so that you would know that YOU matter. This Timeless To Do List that you create with me helps you get to the heart of what truly matters to YOU.

The Reframing What Matters Framework, inside my book, lays out for you how to create your own Timeless To Do List that will have you only putting things on your to do list that really matter.

Work with Me

If you are doing what I used to do, which was tying my worth to my to do list without even realizing it, then you will definitely benefit from Creating a "Timeless To Do List" that is tailored to your specific life circumstances.

Reach out to me and I will help you create it.

PS. This is not a temporary solution. It is timeless.